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Record Your Travels with State Stickers | State Sticker Map | Etnoyer’s RV World

Looking for a fun way to document your travels across the US? Check out State Stickers, the ultimate travel accessory from Etnoyer’s RV World.

Our State Sticker Map is a weather-resistant, contour map of the United States that allows travelers to showcase the places they’ve visited. Each state is represented by a full-color license plate graphic, making it easy to keep track of where you’ve been and where you still need to go.

Applying your State Stickers is a breeze thanks to the aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Simply peel and press each sticker onto its designated location. And with their highly durable vinyl construction, these stickers will remain bright and colorful year after year, even in harsh weather conditions.

Don’t let your travels go undocumented. Purchase your State Sticker Map from Etnoyer’s RV World today and start showcasing your adventures in a fun and unique way.