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Sway Control

Sway control is an important feature for trailers, especially when towing in windy or high-speed conditions. Here are some reasons why sway control is good for trailers:

Increased safety: Sway control can help prevent trailer sway, which can lead to loss of control and accidents. This is especially important in high-speed or windy conditions, where sway can be more pronounced.

Improved handling: Trailer sway can make it more difficult to control the tow vehicle, especially in emergency situations. Sway control helps improve handling by reducing the amount of sway and making the trailer more stable.

Reduced driver fatigue: When a trailer sways, it can cause the driver to become fatigued from constantly correcting the steering. Sway control helps reduce sway, which can reduce driver fatigue and improve overall safety.

Protection of the trailer and contents: Sway can cause damage to the trailer and its contents, especially if the sway is severe. Sway control can help protect the trailer and its contents by reducing the amount of sway.

Overall, sway control is a beneficial feature for trailers as it helps improve safety, handling, and protection of the trailer and its contents. It is a worthwhile investment for anyone who frequently tows a trailer or RV, especially in challenging conditions.