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Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary is a historic prison located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that is a great place to visit while RV camping for several reasons:

Historical Significance: Eastern State Penitentiary was one of the most notorious and innovative prisons in the United States. It operated for over 140 years, from 1829 to 1971, and was known for its strict solitary confinement system.

Haunting Architecture: The prison’s unique architecture, which features a radial design with cell blocks radiating out from a central hub, is hauntingly beautiful and fascinating. The prison also features crumbling walls and a haunting atmosphere that gives visitors a sense of the prison’s history and past.

Guided Tours: Visitors can take guided tours of Eastern State Penitentiary, which provide a fascinating look at the prison’s history and daily life for prisoners. The tours also offer insights into the criminal justice system and how it has evolved over time.

Cultural Significance: Eastern State Penitentiary is considered a national historic landmark and is a significant cultural destination. Visitors can learn about the prison’s impact on the criminal justice system and its role in shaping the country’s history.

Halloween Attraction: In addition to its historical significance, Eastern State Penitentiary is also known for its Halloween attraction, Terror Behind the Walls. This haunted house attraction is one of the most popular in the country and offers visitors a thrilling and spooky experience.

Overall, Eastern State Penitentiary is a unique and fascinating destination that offers visitors a chance to experience the history and culture of one of the country’s most notorious prisons. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or Halloween thrills, Eastern State Penitentiary is a must-see destination for anyone RV camping in the area.