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BackUp Camera

Having a backup camera when towing an RV camper is beneficial for several reasons:

Improved visibility: When towing an RV camper, the driver’s visibility is often obstructed by the size and height of the camper. A backup camera can improve visibility, making it easier to see behind the camper and avoid collisions or other accidents.

Maneuverability: When backing up an RV camper, it can be challenging to align it with the desired parking spot or hitch. A backup camera can help the driver see where the camper is in relation to other objects, making it easier to maneuver and park.

Safety: With a backup camera, the driver can see if there are any obstacles or people behind the camper, which can help prevent accidents or injuries.

Convenience: A backup camera can save time and effort by eliminating the need for a spotter to guide the driver when backing up the RV camper.

Overall, having a backup camera when towing an RV camper can improve safety, maneuverability, and convenience. It is a useful tool for any driver who wants to make their RV camping experience safer and more enjoyable.

Four Camera Enabled Digital Wireless Observation System

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Kit includes: 5.6″ color LCD monitor, CMOS digital wireless observation camera with auto-pairing technology, suction cup monitor mount, 12V DC cigarette plug. Easy installation, fits most applications. Capable of connecting up to four wireless cameras. Additional hard wired camera input available. Camera connects to rear lights or other 12V DC power source Strong signal transmits through and around objects. Integrated audio microphone.