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10 most forgotten items

GPS system: A GPS system is an important accessory for RV campers who like to travel to different places and explore new areas.

Awning: An awning provides a shaded area outside of the RV and can help protect you from the sun and rain.

Solar panel kit: Solar panel kits are becoming increasingly popular among RV campers as a way to generate electricity and reduce reliance on generators.

Portable generator: A portable generator can provide a source of power when camping in areas without electrical hookups.

Camping chairs: Comfortable camping chairs are a must-have accessory for any RV camper looking to relax outside.

Grill: A portable grill can be used to cook meals outside and is a great addition to any RV camping trip.

Leveling blocks: Leveling blocks help to ensure that your RV is level and stable, which is important for both safety and comfort.

Water hose and filter: These are essential for RV campers who need to fill their freshwater tanks and connect to campground water hookups.

Sewer hose and connections: These are necessary for emptying the RV’s waste tanks and connecting to campground sewer systems.

RV cover: An RV cover can protect the RV from the elements when it’s not in use and help extend its lifespan.